They, as a group and individually, have made a significant impact on the program and we will miss them. Their leadership is steady and accepting. I feel they have done an excellent job of showing the younger wrestlers the type of daily commitment that it takes to compete at our level of competition.

Our kids supported each other all day and everyone wrestled to their potential.

It's a very costly utility. But on the other hand, from an operational perspective, it seems to be smart to stay with land lines.

He is a great leader. His communication skills are excellent and his work ethic is outstanding.

The cameras for the most part have helped protect student property.

We are training every day to close the gap on that wrestler.

We cannot move very fast on this because even if they're approved, they cost money and they're not budgeted.

Mike has been a leader in the school environment, which is reflected by his receiving the Superintendent's Award.

It is the best tournament in the state until the state championships roll around. I am very excited about our continued improvement.