Tennis is an international sport. It's a challenge getting to know each person's culture and learning how to motivate each player. Our diversity adds a different dimension or level, and that can that can be positive.

It was good to get our record evened up before this break. We've lost two matches to weather and we need to get healthy before we play Northwestern State next week.

We're excited to finally get out there and play. We've had three matches rained out, so tomorrow should be really good for us.

Today's match was a good start to our conference play. The entire team played well as a whole today.

Today's match against UAB was a tough start. They have a very good team down the line and pulled out the big points. Our girls fought hard, but did not play the big points smart.

This was a tough match to lose. We were in the match all the way and played Lamar much tougher than we did two weeks ago.

I'm really happy with our performance today. This match today was important because each player stepped up their game.

Sharon is really getting her game together. She is starting to pick up the pace of the college game.