The Internet has changed the independent-bookstore business, ... People can go online and look for books. A lot of book people do still like to come in and browse. They get excited about a new discovery.

[If there really is] no place like home, ... Connecticut?s Premium Ice Cream That Rocks!

Just then, a car was racing down the road, ... They barely stopped before they hit the U-Haul. God was watching over us.

We don't like weeks like this, ... We're neutral this week. It's not win-win. It's lose-lose, because someone who you care deeply for will have to lose.

I was really proud of our daughters, ... My youngest, who is 3, donated her two favorite books and said she wanted a little one to have them.

We'll have to find new accommodation tonight.

Honey, I've decided we're going to Louisiana.

None of these places, of course, are charging any rent.