I can tell you this year there will be a considerable increase in the government's spending on the rural areas.

The level of China's military spending is low when compared to some other countries, not only in terms of absolute value, but also in terms of the proportions defense budgets occupy in the nations' gross domestic product and the entire budget.

China is committed to the path of peaceful development. China has no intention nor does it have the capability to rigorously develop armaments.

In recent years, China's defense spending has increased along with its economic development.

This is a dangerous step on the road towards 'Taiwan independence'.

We also need to appropriately increase funds for building armaments and raise the defense and combat capability of the army.

For foreign investors, they care more about China's political stability and huge market.

I wish to emphasize that China is a peace-loving nation.

We have no intention, nor the ability, to increase our military armaments substantially.