We have a lot of lower income people in the city and unfortunately those are the people who are closest to the edge.

But certainly in promoting peace you don't do damage to people's property.

We're paying for that through our own donor base, through volunteers and grants.

His background and knowledge can't be transplanted overnight, ... I'd make a point that unless you sat on the throne, you don't know what it's like to be king. In reality there are a lot of things that you do and people you influence that other people don't see and that impact is there for the city.

I'm suggesting to you that the time has come tonight to say, 'We need to start saving,'.

Kill the Pope; that's obviously anti-Catholic, but that's against the message of the other writings where they say 'no more war,'.

Great things have happened under his leadership in La Vista, ... The name Any Anderson is well-known throughout the state of Nebraska. I would wish him well and I would say that I salute him. Have the rest of your life for your wife and grandkids.

If you adopt a room, you not only buy the furnishings, but you do the decorating.