I can't say how she was killed because the case is still going on and is still under investigation.

The disease organism alone could be a problem for native species, even for humans.

Between Buford and Gainesville, they are going to take all the industrial base and leave Hall County to educate the kids with a residential base.

I felt like I needed to let it out.

The majority of their burrows are in the dunes along the beaches.

They prepared us for it. The people in the cockpit were very calm, cool and collected. They said smoke was there but they didn't see any when they landed, so I think they got most of it out. But, we were better once we landed, all of the nerves were a little more at ease.

I had a lot of stuff on my chest and felt like I needed to get it off, sir.

One of the most monumental things that ever happened in this area.