Jeremy Collier
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"Jeremy Collier" was an English theatre critic, Nonjuring schism/non-juror bishop and theologian.

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True courage is a result of reasoning. A brave mind is always impregnable.

Learning gives us a fuller conviction of the imperfections of our nature; which one would think, might dispose us to modesty.

In civilized life, where the happiness and indeed almost the existence of man, depends on the opinion of his fellow men. He is constantly acting a studied part.

As the language of the face is universal, so 'tis very comprehensive; no laconism can reach it: 'Tis the short hand of the mind, and crowds a great deal in a little room.

Belief gets in the way of learning.

How many feasible projects have miscarried through despondency, and been strangled in their birth by a cowardly imagination.

Perpetual pushing and assurance put a difficulty out of countenance and make a seeming difficulty gives way.