This is the outcome we were working towards. Chicago is a great city and John (Paxson) is taking the team in the right direction. I am thrilled for Tyson to begin the next chapter of his career with the Bulls.

Ameriwood will be back in 2006 and beyond.

We knew the business when it was part of Casual Male, and it had been our view that there was a place in the world for a category-killer selling work wear. This isn't fashion, so there's no fashion risk.

What I have in mind is not necessarily how other people see things, ... is different than if you were sculpting with your hands. I had to learn enough about the way the software worked to communicate with people about how to do the transformations.

If you think about when the U.S. built its highway system in the '50s and '60s, that was in the middle of the Cultural Revolution in China. They were destroying infrastructure and technology, not developing it.

The reason is difficult to ascertain.

Drive-up stores represent the next generation for McDonald's in China.

There's no software out there to do what we did. This has been a significant collaboration of people. There was the research, anthropology, scientific theory, then changing it to the three-dimensional world.