I think everybody's aspirations as an elite athlete are to be in the top of their sport, and I think (the Olympics) are attainable for Steven. He's in the top 5 percent of divers I've seen.

Scott was disappointed as he was 19th and just missed performing another list. We have talked all year about his improvement from where he was when he came in, in August and where he is now. He has had a great season and will only get better.

I am really pleased with Corey's performance. She did what she needed to do to get ready for next week. The pressure was off of her today and she could just focus on doing the dives that she was capable of without any consequence. That was a big thing in helping her be consistent today. She also added to her confidence heading into the NCAA Championships to be the 3-meter champion from this zone.

We're a debt-free township and we strive in our budget to keep it that way.

No one point is more important than another.

Steve put together two really solid lists. This is a great start to the meet for Steve and I am proud of him.

This is the best performance in Auburn history. We talked about being focused and confident and having the courage to step up and most importantly to have fun. We had nothing to lose, our swimmers took care of business, and this was bonus points for the team.

His NCAA championship score sends a signal that he is a player on the international platform scene. We will know better after the U.S. Open (April 20-23), which is a good indicator of where he stacks up against the best platform divers in the U.S. One of our goals is to be in a position to go for Olympic qualifying for the 2008 games.