North Carolina bank customers saved close to $60 million due to banks being in competition with credit unions. Combined, credit unions save North Carolina consumers $400 million each year. In Nash County, the impact totals an estimated $3.3 million each year.

The festival is as much a celebration of the readers as of the authors.

He's just implemented a lot of positive change for the city and kind of brought us into this century.

It stemmed from a lawsuit by one of the guys who complained he was hurt on the job, ... He was working on swap time. He was on workman's comp. It's hard to insure two people at the same time when only one is working. What about the person who was supposed to be working? Were we also insuring him? The insurance company advised us not to do that.

Dealing with those things and training officers to the new approach and the new weapons and the new drugs that we're seeing today.

Basically we just do flips and make people laugh.

It has some busted windows and a leaky roof, but I think it would work.

Based on what we are seeing around the city, those lots should sell for between $40,000 and $50,000 each, ... There will be nice homes built on them. That has got to improve the property values in the area.

Trees are falling, ... There is no real timber value. So, the city is going to have to go in and cut and remove the trees at a cost.