Most of my kids have been up there before. Even if they didn't play, they've experienced that atmosphere. Both teams will have jitters. Most of the time it comes down to which team gets over them first.

The ability to come out of the district as the runner-up and upset the No. 1 seed in the region was a great thing for us.

At halftime we got down on ourselves but we kept talking to the kids telling them to keep their heads up and keep plugging.

We've already played Lexington Catholic. We're not going to see anybody better than the teams we've already played.

When you're big and have a nose for the ball, that's a sign of a good ball player.

We made them when it counted.

That was crucial for us and that was a crucial shot for them to miss. It's a hustle play, a heady play. She knew what was on the line, she had to hustle to get back and she did.

We've been like that all season. At the same time, we've been like that where we hit some late in big games.