"Jeff Goodby" is an American advertising executive. He is among the co-founders and serves as co-chair of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. Goodby is also a director and illustrator whose work has appeared in Time (magazine)/Time and Mother Jones (magazine)/Mother Jones.

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It's a place where people make the mistake of doing advertising that is really entertaining, but really has nothing to do with their brand, so people remember the entertainment but they don't remember the brand at all.

Was just throbbing out there, waiting to be appropriated.

The Doritos brand is a true icon and we look forward to being part of the Frito-Lay team. This is a chance to put Doritos front and center in people's minds where it belongs.

It turns out they are actually terrific businesspeople as well as good creative guys. They didn't just win (the Mini account). They realigned their agency in order to make it ready to win, even before the process started.

It's just milk, ... Believe me, we know parody is based on a serious topic. So we wanted to make sure that it was goofy enough so that people didn't get upset.