We didn't finance it. We didn't do the prints or advertising or anything.

The key to a good rib is for us to leave them alone and let the hickory and the ribs do all the work.

Politics are all around us, you can't escape it. It's natural that the best movies are going to reflect what's going on in people's everyday lives.

He's going to do big things in our business because he's an innovator and a visionary. His plans are a sure bet because he's got the touch, and he's got the expertise and the strong relationships in our business.

To have the type of growth we've had, it's not realistic for that to continue. You're going to have some good years and some bad.

We're still small enough to have a snail-like pace in opening new locations. We're still hands on enough that it wears us out.

We are only as successful as our customers. This user conference is one of our biggest opportunities to hear from our customers what new features and functionality they need to help grow their business.