We didn't play well in a couple aspects of the game. Against McLean we didn't play defense and at South Lakes we didn't hit at all.

There's really no gain the $300 increase incentive they're making about the same money and they're rotating and not riding full time.

When we walked out there, everything under the mound was dry. But there's that layer of two inches that was wet. When you stepped on it, it stuck to your foot. Obviously that was affecting how [Bryce] was pitching.

It seems sure to backfire if the intention was to silence their critics.

That is almost unheard of.

The problem is if we allow, especially new people hired the option to whether they chose to be a paramedic or not eventually you're going to run out of paramedics.

The first thing that comes to mind is that these are African Americans and how will they be treated. Will there be graciousness?