We ask the kids, what's your job? What's your role? What are you trying to do? The girls are buying into that. Every game our defenders know who they have and what they are going to do and how we need to play them. When our midfielders play certain teams they know exactly what they need to do. ... We just talk about who on our team can make plays and how can we get (the ball) to them.

She has ability to turn on the ball. She has good field vision. She has big game experience playing on her club teams.

I've dropped a wanted poster for Dr. Slepian in the police department washroom. Our cousins in the U.S. have their list. We have our own.

We talk about outworking the other team. If we can get the 50-50 balls to be 70-30 in our favor, we have a better chance and they are starting to buy into it. Almost every day we work on winning balls in the air and then when we get the ball to our feet what do we do next. It's starting to come together a little bit better.

She's working hard. She's done a really nice job and we've surrounded her with pretty good players. They understand what it takes to get her the ball and be successful. That's what we've been trying to do is together see what we can do to be successful.

My wife pounds me about taking a break from it, ... But that's tough, because I love what I do. And I don't think we can afford to tune it out altogether, not anymore. We don't have the luxury of being complacent.

We take a lot of pride in what we do and play good team baseball.