Steve Case is the Benedict Arnold of the digital age.

Unfortunately there's this gold rush mentality to bring these products to market.

Now they (consumers and competitors) will have to go through a celestial gatekeeper who will decide what the prices and terms will be for both programmers and content providers.

This is the owner's manual that they're providing to the cable industry to monopolize the Internet.

With lucrative industry employment ahead of them, FCC chairs — and most commissioners — have a built-in conflict of interest, ... They simply can't take the independent positions necessary to fulfill their responsibilities to the public and to the public interest.

[It's] not surprising, ... given that advertising is the business model.

Clearly Parsons and top management are desperate.

Dropping the AOL from its corporate name is their version of joining a federal witness protection program where you're given a new identity. But playing the name game won't help the company. If there is such a thing as conglomerate bad karma, AOLTW is getting what it deserves.

There needs to be a clear national standard.