Jeff Bzdelik
FameRank: 3

"Jeff Bzdelik" is an American basketball coach who's currently an assistant coach of the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He formerly coached the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association for slightly over two seasons, from 2002 until he was fired near the end of 2004.

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Is doing great. Let's face it, he's a young man. There is a lot of pressure. Opening night it was [San Antonio's] Bruce Bowen and Tim Duncan [defending him]. The next night, Houston had the long arms and is very athletic. He's playing great.

He's played very well.

I think it's the right way to play here at the Academy.

My heart goes out to Nick, ... He was looking forward to starting practice with us in October, but now our target for his return is the conference opener against BYU on January 5. He has had a rough road physically in his three years here, but if anyone is tough enough to come back from this kind of adversity, it's Nick Welch.

We're not going to change the system they've been using here too much, ... Perhaps they've stumbled onto something, kind of like Coach (Fisher) DeBerry has done in football. He's run that offense for decades, and it works. That's the right fit for his football team, and maybe this system is the right fit for us.

The players know this system, and they feel good about the fact that it's brought them success.

[Though other teams have expressed doubts about Miller's leadership, saying he was too quiet and passive during his season in L.A., the Nuggets are confident they have the right man.] Andre is a hungry, driven young man who wants a team that plays with discipline and unselfishness, ... He wants what we have, and we want what he has.

We had the tempo the way we wanted it. It was a great win against a great opponent.