Obviously, that was an incredible Big East battle. I think that's what this league is going to be about. We haven't played a team this good in an environment like this. I was actually prepared to come in here and lose and learn.

He's such a warrior. I'm just so happy to see him on the floor. He's really tough, a great competitor.

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We have some great finishers. We got to the rim, but [Aldridge] caused us to alter our shots.

That's the beauty of this team. We have a lot of guys who have the ability to score, but give it up because of the other guys. And then when they're needed, they'll do it. Like tonight, we needed Mike and Kyle to score and they did. Randy gets 10 rebounds tonight and he's in foul trouble and he doesn't care because we won. It's a fun team to coach.

We don't have time to practice, and we needed to work on the things we're going to need tomorrow.

Obviously this was an incredible Big East battle. We just said to ourselves, this is BIG EAST game No. 1 - it tells you what this league will be like...Timely shots by Allan Ray, Jason Frazier and Dante Cunningham kept us in the game. Every time Louisville made runs at us, those guys made big plays. Game number one in the Big East, that's what it's going to be like.

I think it changed the game. I think he was way ahead of his time. He caught the country by surprise the year he went to the Final Four. I think even after years he had all that success going to the Final Four, I think that it still took all of us a long time to catch up.

[The Owls are] athletic and long, and that's what Louisville is. We'll be playing in a tough environment, so I feel good going into that game because of the way we played against Temple.