We need to meet the same level of funding.

Mr. Foley believes ... the trigger for the investigation should be whether a party to the transaction is a foreign government.

If history is any indication, it gives weight, but I don't know if his being for or against a proposal changes anybody's mind.

The [mariner's] civilian status is deceptive. It doesn't show the life-endangering work they did during that conflict.

These tribes have the right to participate in the process even if they hired a bad apple and then fired him.

To assume we're going to have our head over a barrel and be forced to accept some sort of compromise bill is not the position we find ourselves in right now. The moratorium remains in effect. There is nothing new; the only thing new is this tendency to provide an alternate plan to one that wants to drill closer to Florida's shores.

For years, the Democrats promised a prescription drug plan and never delivered.