I can't say I had any idea (what would happen after 9/11), other than I knew things would change. This wasn't going to be something we were going to forget.

He was thriving.

It was call of duty.

I might not have been mature enough to handle it. I think I'm a lot more focused now and that helps me be a better leader.

I just kept an open mind. I love to hit, so whatever kept me in the lineup. I just like playing baseball, so it was easy to keep a good attitude. Whatever it took to play, I was enjoying it.

My roommate came in and said, 'Dude, something hit the World Trade Center,' ... I looked at the TV, and I only saw one tower.

Home runs are great, but sometimes doubles are a little bit better. They didn't score much after they hit their home runs, which helped.

It's adorable. Wherever that bongo is, the hog is usually nearby.

They're a big help. They love what they do.