This was a mental game for us. And we had the right mind-set.

Our big meets are at the end of the year for sure. This is kind of the way that our sport works. We get more and more ready, physically, based on our training over the course of the season.

Shannon's spring has really set her up well for a great fall this season.

For some of the younger guys, it is a chance to find out what college distance and level of competition is all about. Most of the freshmen are going to run unattached for right now so we can kind of see where they are at and decide whether, later on midseason, they will put on their uniform and use their eligibility.

Emily had an outstanding first year, and her international experience will be a key for us in 2005.

I was thrilled with both groups. I could not have asked for it to be much better than this. It is not like we rested this week. We had two workouts this week, so this is a good start, and we will be able to move forward from here.

It gives us jurisdiction we currently do not have. Historically, the criminal cases surrounding the large-scale manufacturing of illegal documents have been brought by the U.S. attorney.

It's sensory overload here, ... There's so much need and so little supply. They're overwhelmed.