Shoot, it sets the tone for the inning. Walks, steals, the error and the wild pitch.

The Kruger National Park attracts 1.3 million tourists a year and South Africa's reputation as a custodian of wildlife can only suffer if the shooting starts again.

In addition to just the sheer communication, if we succeed with this, there will be enormous benefits in terms of coordination, and we'll actually be able to save lives.

[Clark] has great stuff, but sometimes he can be his worst enemy. He beats up on himself. He has to learn to trust his stuff and realize that he has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in the league.

It's like when cigarette prices went way up, ... They absorb it and go on. After some time, the price becomes accepted.

We made a couple of mistakes defensively not marking up in the box, ... But I was really impressed that our girls didn't get down.

When I go out with the stick to change the prices on the marquee, people honk, cuss and make gestures when they drive by. I just take it in stride.

They need to vent somewhere and I just happen to be the poor (guy) behind the counter they vent to.

We believe there's a huge opportunity for this cutting edge technology developed in the game industry. It could end up being an enormous project.