Jan Davis
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"Nancy Jan Davis" is a former United States/American astronaut. A veteran of three space flights, Dr. Davis has logged over 673 hours in space. Dr. Davis is now retired from NASA.

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Everyone's either having to wait longer or are not getting a ride, and our drivers are working themselves to death.

Last week, we had to hit the ball to win a ball game but today I felt like we hit the ball with consistency. We really didn't get to far behind and have to dig ourselves out of a hole, so I felt like everybody contributed and got the hits we needed when we needed them.

We told them they had to be aggressive at the plate and play to win and not just play not to lose. The first couple of innings we put the bat on the ball which gave me hope that eventually something would happen and we would string some together and be able to get some runs across the plate.

The main purpose is to be a constant reminder to stay safe.

Cell phones don't always work, so the cards allow kids to call home or call a friend.

It's a time to get better informed about the problems and realities of sexual assault ... to discuss rape and how to help prevent it.

We played much better defensively tonight and Jennifer did well on the mound. We just need to continue to improve from game to game as we have thus far.

They've always had a hard-hitting team. We know we need to go in with our game face on.

The only place we have left to turn now is the cities. If we don't get funding from them, I'm not sure what we're going to do at this point.