James Wade
FameRank: 10

"Winner" 2007

/ Grand Prix = "Winner" 2007, 2010

/ UK Open = "Winner" 2008, 2011

/ US Open = Semi-final: 2010

/ European = Semi-final: 2009

/ Vegas = Runner up: 2008

/ Grand Slam = Runner up: 2010

/ Premier League = "Winner" 2009

/ Championship League = "Winner" 2010

/ PC Finals = Semi-final: 2009

/ Masters = "Winner" 2014

/ results =

"European Tour Events"


"Players Championships"

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/ "Players Championship (Crawley/CRA)"/ 2014

/ "Players Championship (East Midlands/EMI)"/ 2009

/ "Players Championship (Germany/GER)"/ 2011

/ "Players Championship (Gibraltar/GIB)"/ 2008

/ "Players Championship (Holland/HOL)"/ 2008, 2010

/ "Players Championship (Nuland/NUL)"/ 2009

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It's not about politics. I was against [the North American Free Trade Agreement, which many more liberal politicians were also against.] I'm just out there to help enforce the laws.

In a price-fixing case, it's not enough to just show that ultimately competitors are just charging the same price. You have to somehow show there's an agreement between them.

I love the tradition involved. The Navy Run is very motivating; it gives me a something to train for.

Couldn´t be better, ... I´ve been wanting to talk to the pastor of this place and tell him everybody has such a good attitude, good ethics. Everything has been great.

But none drew interest like this. I'm going to the oral argument myself.

It appears that somebody was burning trash somewhere, a big brush pile, and the fire got away.

We had a little bit of rain to come in. It helped for about two days. And now we're back to the way we were two days...you know, last week we were chasing fires, and all the fires been 100 acres plus. The same thing's happening now. It just takes a little spark, and the fire runs and it's hard to catch it.