We're grieving for our employees, our customers, their families and their loved ones.

The documents he signed indicated that he understood the potential risks and rewards of day trading. He was an experienced trader.

I think it will have some effect, ... It depends on which economist you read as to how much.

Mark Barton met our financial requirements as a customer.

We're devastated by this. We don't know why it happened, we'll probably never know.

The company has proven its ability to navigate through difficult and volatile circumstances while continuing to improve its operations and financial performance.

They're in the middle of nowhere, so there's not much reason for the big guys to grab that part of the market.

Tetris will help JAMDAT expand its market share internationally, especially in Asia and Latin America, ... And exclusive rights for DOOM and SOCOM could help them in Europe since that market is more action oriented.

There will be an additional need for more tower space in the next three years as wireless data services ramp up. Data travels shorter distances than voice so companies will need to add more sites to ensure the quality of their networks.