I saw it climbing up in the air. It was making a steep climb that you usually don't see aircraft do like that. And just as I was wondering why was he making such a steep climb up then the plane sort of flattened out and took a nose dive straight down until it hit the ground.

It's a wonderful school with a great reputation. It's also a beautiful campus that's only two hours from my house.

How exciting it is to see the unprecedented amount of high- resolution data that the mission will provide.

WVXU-FM was considered the crazy aunt in the closet, because it didn't fit the mold. But people liked it. It worked.

The hardest thing is when you go home and realize that you've grown 10 years in 2 days.

Tire debris and wheel shrapnel resulted in damage to the No. 2 engine, puncture of three fuel tanks, and severance of several hydraulic lines and electrical wires. Additionally, a large hole was torn in the top wing skin which covers the wheel well area.

We definitely think, in children in particular, that this vaccine is as good or better than the standard flu shot, ... The children who received the vaccine, who were all preschool children, had a dramatic decrease in natural flu.

[King has called Xavier University's decision to sell the station] one of the saddest days of my professional life. ... took the spirit out of me.

By interrupting the flu in children, we may have an impact on your own city or town and reduce the overall impact of flu each winter.