"James David Head" is a Canadian television director.

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It's an exciting place. That's what exploration is all about. You go out there. It isn't A. It isn't B. It isn't C. It's D, none of the above.

It been very light. I don't know if everyone is waiting, thinking there is a rush.

We see a cold, hard, brittle outer layer, but a lot of activity underneath. Does it represent an ocean under there, or warm ice moving around?

We homeowners need help. We need immediate relief.

It's one of the best runs as far as pickup games because coach (Carlos) Briggs does a real good job of keeping things competitive. If you can't play, you come off the court. It's something you want to be around.

[Recipients of grants must periodically give updates on their progress, often at scientific conferences, in order to justify continued funding. But conferences are more scientific show-and-tells than mandated roll calls, according to Head.] You really want to go to show all your neat stuff, ... It's not like I get on a plane to go to Houston because I have to, it's because I'm excited.

What we found was that the glaciers were formed from snow brought from the polar regions.

I'm my own worst critic. If I had a 20-point game, I felt I could have had 30 or 40. I just did not play at the level that I expected.