It will be a very hard decision because both candidates have distinct differences in styles and experiences.

We're hoping it misses us completely.

Let them bestow on every airth a limb; Then open all my veins, that I may swim To thee, my Maker! in that crimson lake; Then place my parboiled head upon a stake - Scatter my ashes - strew them in the air; - Lord! since thou know'st where all these.

It's all going to depend on the weather, which we are constantly assessing.

Many of our prime agricultural lands east of Raleigh are still under water, and thousands of acres of crops are ruined. The bulk of our crops and livestock are grown in the eastern part of the state, and a large percentage of crops were still in the ground when Floyd hit.

He either fears his fate too much, Or his deserts are small, That dares not put it to the touch, To gain or lose it all.

Maurice, I am very impressed by that piece of work.

I'll make thee glorious by my pen, And famous by my sword.

It will be a challenge and we'll work on it and we'll try and get everybody to the show.