She wants to come down and watch me race, ... I'm her baby boy.

Was driven by pure hatred. There is no excuse for what he did.

This is my first leading-rider title since 1973, and I'm enjoying every moment, ... It's been a long time coming. I'm glad it's here. I'll have to continue and keep it up.

The back months in live cattle and all the feeder contracts are showing some strength. Short-term fund buying and lower grain futures boosted the feeders.

I certainly don't think Marsha Gale's letter is sufficient, and if it is sufficient then God help sport. If we are talking about stuff that goes back to 2002, it should have been raised before. It can't be, 'If my daughter can't go, you can't go,' and that's the bottom line of that to me.

It's really rewarding and remarkable how involved the young children are.

I recently came across this credit union: that is affiliated with your organization. They claim to have higher interest rates than any other federal credit union. We are seeing more targeted attacks that profile a specific group with tailored scams designed to inflict great harm.

There appear to be numerous ulterior personal motives on the part of some persons driving this process.