We had discipline. It was very key for us. I had it with the football program. He had it in basketball, too. We ran a tight ship.

He played awesome. This is the year he needs to break out and believe in his game. I believe he hit a stepping stone in doing so.

He?s been a good friend of mine for many, many years now. I?m proud to say I was a member of the council that made him chief, and he served exceptionally well in that capacity. He was faithful in service to this city for many years, and I wish him all the success in the world with his retirement.

People need to be careful with sparks. It doesn't take much to burn dead grass.

I think this is following in a long line of great San Francisco nuttiness.

We've had to abandon as there has been no significant improvement.

The well-being for this area was dependent upon tobacco especially in the Pee Dee and in the state of South Carolina.

I have a lot of homework, and I have some I need to do while I'm doing the play.

I feel we were proactive to prevent any potential problems, ... In 10 years, I've never seen anything like this.