When we played Shamokin in districts, they were huge. Anyone who looked at them could see they were just big.

I can see a lot of similarities between us and the 1986 Towanda team.

Communication is so fast today. During the second World War you would hear the news and it would be 12 hours old. Now you hear what is happening in Iraq, and the information is five minutes old. It's not always correct. They tell you something, and then they correct themselves the next day.

It was just a very physical game. Any time you put zero on the board it's a good team effort.

This is just a marvelous business opportunity. We need a Northeast facility, close to refineries here.

It was just a great Senior Night. We played real physical, and that was one of our goals this week.

But, by the second half it was almost pathetic. They couldn't block us at all. The 'Three Amigos' - Nick Ball, Josh Knecht and Brian Ferguson - just took over while they wore down.

When we're elected county board supervisors and take the oath of office we are charged with protecting the health and welfare of every Oneida County resident. This is a safety issue, I'm voting yes.

We're turning away 20 percent of the buyers these days.