Jack Welch
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"US$/$750 Million (2012)"

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/ spouse = Carolyn B. Osburn (1959-87)Jane Beasley (1989–2003)Suzy Wetlaufer (2004–present)

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/home_town = Salem, Massachusetts

/education = 1957, University of Massachusetts Amherst/University of Mass., Bachelor of Science/BSc

1960, University of Illinois, M.S./MSc, PhDAll in chemical engineering

/party = Republican

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"John Francis" ""Jack"" "Welch, Jr." (born November 19, 1935) is a retired American business executive, author and chemical engineer. He was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure at GE, the company's value rose 4000%. In 2006, Welch's net worth was estimated at $720 million. When he retired from GE he took a severance payment of $417 million, the largest such payment in history.

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