There has been no impact on Wendy's recent sales trends over the past three days (Friday through Sunday) since the announcement by the USDA that confirmed a single cow from a farm in Washington State tested presumptive positive for BSE.

We've done a lot of consumer research focusing on trends of the future, ... People want ethnic flavors and bold taste, high-quality food and convenience ... Baja is the quality leader in the Mexican segment.

We're not putting Dave or his image back in the [Baja Fresh] ads.

The economic and competitive conditions we faced in Argentina were just too difficult to overcome, despite the efforts of our management team and a dedicated crew at the stores, ... We adjusted our pricing strategy and increased customer service programs. However, it is clear there are not sufficient prospects for operational or financial improvement on the horizon.

This tragic event has deeply saddened members of the Wendy's family nationwide, ... We are doing everything we can to help the victims' families and our employees cope with this horrible tragedy.

Baja Fresh is an excellent addition to our company and a great fit for our long-term growth strategy.

Although Dave was widely popular, he was never very comfortable as a celebrity. He kept reminding us he was simply a hamburger cook.

The company continues to deliver quality earnings growth above our stated goals.

We feel it's poised to become a national chain. It will stay under the Wendy's umbrella.