"Jack Russell" is the name of:

* Jack Russell (comics), a fictional Marvel Comics character

* Jack Russell Terrier, a type of dog

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I'd love to say I'm sorry. It is obviously a very tragic and unfortunate incident. This is not what music is supposed to be about. After 25 years of being in show business, nothing like this has ever happened. What do you say? Gee, I'm sorry. That doesn't cut it. There are no words that can possibly express the way I feel right now. I'm devastated.

Obviously there was some sort of miscommunication.

It's the most horrible experience of my life, ... a farce.

Dog parks are a great way to give dogs a little exercise and meet other people. But it's important to have someone watching the dogs so if there's an aggressive dog they can kick them out.

I tried to put it out with water bottles. There were no fire extinguishers on the stage. The worst part was when the lights went out.

We're still looking for him.

No permission was ever requested by the band or its agents to use pyrotechnics at The Station, and no permission was ever given.

It went up like a Christmas tree. I was trying to put it out with a bottle of water. I turned around and the building was engulfed. My sound man is injured. I'm on my way to the hospital. I'm missing my guitar player.