Wow. Good job, Bill Campbell defense team. It doesn't mean it's a slam-dunk for Campbell. But he has a better start.

A lot of people were scared and confused.

What worries me about this whole case is that you had a man who did the right thing, who was a good police office who saved lives, who then answered the relentless media inquiries that follow such a thing like this with good humor and good grace and good sense. And now he's being accused of being a bomber.

In a case like this, the government generally needs insider witnesses, and I suspect they have them.

They understand that detention centers are full, and they will simply be fingerprinted and let go.

We're very unhappy with such moves by the administration at a time when border states are more concerned about immigration than they've been in a century.

We think it would usher in a period in which employers are increasingly weaned off of exploiting illegal aliens, and wages and working conditions for the poorest would increase.

He didn't keep any souvenirs of the bomb. He was given little pieces of metal from the fence after the time and took it home and put it on his mantelpiece.

We are overjoyed. It says what we have known all along -- that he is no longer a suspect in the bombing.