The frequent revisions of the federal tax code have added to its complexity, especially since many of the recent changes have been phased in or are temporary. This situation requires the efforts of Farm Bureau, the Farm Team and all of our members if we are to secure fair and simplified estate tax laws.

It's said that timing is everything. This was the right time for us to make a change. We're not going away by any means, just moving down the road a bit. Come see us at Crown Motors. And we do want to wish Robert Peltier the best.

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[WHAT THEY'RE SAYING:] The location is extremely convenient to MacDill Air Force Base but yet it's still a very quiet and somewhat secluded location for South Tampa, ... There's not a lot of new developments going in around there.

[Jack King, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers spokesman, said defense attorneys will track down most defendants in those 300 cases.] Now, we need the FBI to provide a live witness, a scientist from the FBI Lab, to testify at post-conviction hearings on these old cases, ... Some of these guys have sat in jail for decades, and it's about time they got a fair hearing.

This has reduced the number of estates required to pay tax and the amount of taxes owed. But, despite these changes, appreciating land values and increasing farm size mean a larger share of farm estates are subject to the federal estate tax.

Any funeral director in earshot can come in and utilize this equipment.

Since the federal individual income tax imposes the largest tax burden on the broadest group of farmers and the federal estate tax can affect the ability to transfer the farm operation to the next generation, these changes are of considerable importance to the farm community.

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