Isaac Rosenberg
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"Isaac Rosenberg" was an English poet of the World War I/First World War. His Poems from the Trenches are recognised as some of the most outstanding written during the First World War.

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Being by the nature of my upbringing, all my energies having been directed to one channel of activity, crippled from other activities and made helpless even to live.

Poetical appreciation is only newly bursting on me.

I will not leave a corner of my consciousness covered up, but saturate myself with the strange and extraordinary new conditions of this life, and it will all refine itself into poetry later on.

I never joined the army for patriotic reasons.

I can't look at things in the simple, large way that great poets do.

It is true I have not been killed or crippled, been a loser in the stocks, or had to forswear my fatherland, but I have not quite gone free and have a right to say something.

You mustn't forget the circumstances I have been brought up in, the little education I have had.

I despair of ever writing excellent poetry.

I don't think I knew what real poetry was till I read Keats a couple of years ago.