It's hard to figure out what motivates people and it seems like a lot of high school sports, if you can figure out that trigger of whatever gets you going, once you get it going, you can't stop it. That's the way we are. Once we're going, you can't stop us. But if someone doesn't step it up, you see what happens.

I don't think it's a thing that we can't beat them. We came out ready, maybe too ready. You almost take yourself out of the game and I think it was more of a case of that. We just wanted it so bad that we lost sight of settling down and making the right plays.

It's always a growing process. And it's also about being consistent. I was proud of the way we hung in there in the second game, but we have to be consistent from start to finish.

She played excellently on that end, ... It never shows up on the stat sheet but defense wins games.

Their hearts were smaller than a quarter when he found it.

Our faith has gotten us through it all. Lots of prayer.