"Herbert L. Williams" is a retired American basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for eighteen seasons from 1981 to 1999. Williams served as the interim head coach of the NBA's New York Knicks. He is formerly an assistant coach for the Knicks.

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If he missed, we were going home, and the whole thing about New York probably would have changed. He had the guts to take it, and that wasn't the only big shot he took. When coach (Don) Chaney was here, we used to run isolation plays for him at the end of the game to catch the ball and go one-on-one. Do you know how tough that is? And he would make shots. He was tough.

We don't keep score, we don't call fouls. That age, it's just teaching them the game. If they do something wrong, we correct it.

I just think they came out and played much harder than we did. And as a consequence they shot a lot of free throws.

Kurt is a smart enough player to know how to fit in, ... He's one of the guys that you feel comfortable telling him something once. He's a pro's pro.

Allan could hit big shot after big shot.

It will potentially make our junior-high and high-school teams better in the future.

If they raised that much money and raised it that soon, it'll top a million. It is shaping up with the same themes as the Rural Heritage Initiative, just more money because the agriculture community is going to be there in spades.

They took the ball to the basket and consequently, they shot a lot of free throws. But you can't blame it on the free throws.

Every second that he's over there on the bench, he's trying to fight for the team. He's trying to get every advantage that he can. That's his style. He's going to fight for his team. That's him, night in and night out. He's always going to fight and try to protect his team as best as possible.