He Weifang
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"He Weifang" is a professor at Peking University of China and an activist striving to reform the Chinese judicial system, who has argued that the Chinese Communist Party is an unregistered and therefore illegal organization in China.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts/B.A. at Southwest University of Political Science & Law, and an Master of Laws/LL.M at Peking College of Political Science and Law.

He was an associate professor in China University of Political Science and Law from 1985 to 1995, then become a professor and Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D. adviser at Peking University.

Since 1992, he has striven to reform the Chinese judicial system. He has written many papers on the importance of modernizing China's judicial system, earning him the nickname "Justice He". His works includes The Judicial Ideals and Institutions and The Ways to Carry Justice.

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I unequivocally state the wish that the Communist Party should become two parties.

Even when he's making dumplings with peasants, he speaks memorized words and sounds like a People's Daily editorial.

This is a critical moment. There is a lot of opposition to continuing the reforms as they are today.