Harry Knowles
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"Harry Jay Knowles" is a film critic and writer known for his website called Ain't It Cool News. Knowles is a member of the Austin Film Critics Association.

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They target the film to a sort of rabid fan base, to Superman-friendly groups. By the time the film comes out, [the studios will] try to convince the American public that their lives depend on Superman, and if they don't see it, they'll be so behind the times, because all the cool kids are [seeing it].

The big, massive campaigns are going to be unloaded in the three weeks prior to release.

When you have so many summer films coming at once, the visual effects companies literally don't have enough people delivering the work. Work is being delivered very slowly, at the last minute.

The movies are fine. It's George W. Bush's failed energy policy that is eating away at the family entertainment budget because that extra $70 a month in gas is the money that they would have spent on frivolous things like movies.

I had the perfect accident for the perfect idea. I was rendered immobile where the only thing I could do is mess with my computer.

For the last 30 years our cinemas have been ruled by science fiction and horror. We've had some very good Fantasy films in that time period, but for my tastes I still haven't seen fantasy done to absolute perfection. That is the hope I have in this project.