"Harriet Van Horne" was an American newspaper columnist and film/television critic. She was a writer for many years at the New York World-Telegram and its successors.

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Closing these two books, a reader senses that Joan Crawford, idol of an age, would have made an exemplary prison matron, possibly at Buchenwald. She had the requisite sadism, paranoia and taste for violence.

One who roams the channels after dark, searching for buried treasure.

His vehicle is still outstanding, so one possible motive is auto theft, ... Other than that, we don't really have any motives right now.

The time of the rack and the screws is come. Summer television has set in with its usual severity. And the small screen, where late the sweet birds sang, is now awash with repeats, reruns, rejects, replacements and reversions to the primitive.

When the jury returned the verdict, I felt high, but then I realized, I still had lost a son.

I have never tasted anything like it. It was so delicious.

We had preordered and also had cheese quiche with potato crust. It was absolutely wonderful.

I've been tailgating here for about 15 years, and I like tailgating here better than at Auburn.

As soon as Pat (Van Horn) left my office, I took it back to Jim.

Then let's go to the funeral home. My son was beaten so badly it was unbelievable. We had to close the casket. What I want to know is why? How could anyone do that for $20? Just $20.

[Several dozen families were evacuated late Sunday, but all were allowed to return home later in the evening.] In 45 minutes we were running for our lives, ... The fire was in the meadow right in front of me. We couldn't see to get out.

There are days when any electrical appliance in the house, including the vacuum cleaner, offers more entertainment than the TV set.

Rarely in broadcasting history has so much been riding on the whimsical flick of a few thousand wrists.

When do these defensive injuries happen.

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.