Hans Blix
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"Hans Martin Blix" is a Sweden/Swedish diplomat and politician for the Liberal People's Party (Sweden)/Liberal People's Party. He was Minister for Foreign Affairs (Sweden)/Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs (1978–1979) and later became the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. As such, Blix was the first Western representative to inspect the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union on site, and lead the agency response to them. Blix was also the head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission from March 2000 to June 2003, when he was succeeded by Dimitris Perrikos. In 2002, the commission began searching Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, ultimately finding none. In February 2010, the Government of the United Arab Emirates announced that Blix will be the head of an advisory board for its nuclear power program.

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The whole thing is a process, which only moves along centimeter by centimeter, ... Even if Iraq would cooperate immediately, actively and unconditionally with us, we would need several months.

I think it's clear that in March, when the invasion took place, the evidence that had been brought forward was rapidly falling apart, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.

This does not necessarily mean that such items could not exist. They might. There remain a long list of items unaccounted for, ... But it is not justified to jump to the conclusion that something exists just because it was unaccounted for.

UNSCOM had a practice of not revealing names of companies of suppliers of equipment to Iraq because they often had the possibility of getting information from these companies, and the best way to get these companies to talk to them was not to publish their names to start with.

We must recognize that there are limitations [to intelligence] and that misinterpretations can occur.

The document had been sitting with the CIA and their U.K. counterparts for a long while, and they had not discovered it, ... And I think it took the IAEA a day to discover that it was a forgery.

The commission has not at any time during the inspections in Iraq found evidence of the continuation or resumption of programs of weapons of mass destruction or significant quantities of proscribed items, whether from pre-1991 or later.

There are still a number of questions, including the question of possible further external assistance to the nuclear program. You don't know what you don't know.