Hannah Storm
FameRank: 6

"Hannah Storm" is an American television sports journalist, serving as co-anchor of ESPN's SportsCenter Sunday morning with Bob Ley, and Monday-Thursday mornings with Kevin Negandhi. She was also host of the NBA Countdown pregame show on American Broadcasting Company/ABC as part of the network's NBA Sunday game coverage.

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Why is that, Mike? I know that you had identified this as a major problem, that New Orleans had potential for great disaster, but what is it that you did not anticipate?

She's not very outgoing, ... She has a hard time. But she gets through it.

What are your priorities now? We are looking at no food and water, these horrific security issues, all of these tens of thousands of people that need to be evacuated. Where is the priority? There seems to be an inadequate response in all areas.

She is so much fun to play, ... When you sign on to do a television show, hopefully it's for a while, and you want to like your character.

I get to get paid to go scuba diving for four months in the Caribbean? Fine!

What about these poor people that couldn't get out of the city. Was there any way to evacuate more of these people before the storm hit? They knew this storm was coming.

You were there? You actually heard him say this?

They sort of ambushed me, ... They say, 'We want you to come work for us.' I went, 'Why? Doing what? You guys already have it covered.' They asked me, 'What would you be interested in doing?' I said my passion really has been theater.