The fact that you do this kind of race gets you tremendous cachet because it's very hard to do. You can expect Anthony Weiner to loom large in city politics for some time to come.

The mailing issue injured him tremendously. Because while he was beginning to get some voter recognition, it became more negative than not. It wasn't helpful.

Stinging rebuke of the incumbent. What it tells you is that the majority of Brooklyn prefer a change.

It's an attempt to get her core fund-raising base energized and prepared for what will be a very serious attack to stop her from being president.

This is the first election in New York City history where the majority is minority.

Who attends public schools today?

Using 'it could be great' hits the so-what problem, because it doesn't convey a sense of urgency for voters to do anything. There's no emotional potency. But that's the story of the Ferrer campaign.

Bloomberg has the edge today.

She's challenged him unlike any other challenger ever has. There's no question she's exceeded expectations. Could this be a close election?