Halle Berry
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"Halle Maria Berry"Although Encyclopedia Britannica/Britannica Kids [http://kids.britannica.com/comptons/article-9389354/Halle-Berry gives a 1968 birthdate], ([http://www.webcitation.org/69zB2I0ws archived] from the original on August 17, 2012), she stated in interviews prior to August 2006 that she would turn 40 then. See: [http://web.archive.org/web/20090103001746/http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/Halle+Berry-9679.html FemaleFirst], [http://web.archive.org/web/20080107013643/http://www.darkhorizons.com/news06/berry.php DarkHorizons], [http://www.filmmonthly.com/Profiles/Articles/HalleBerryX3/HalleBerryX3.html FilmMonthly], and see also [http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/07/20/earlyshow/leisure/celebspot/main630707.shtml CBS]. Accessed May 5, 2007. is an American actress and former fashion model. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her performance in the romantic drama Monster's Ball (2001), becoming the first and, as of 2014, the only woman of African-American descent to win an Oscar for a leading role. She was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood during the 2000s and has been involved in the production of several of the films in which she performed. Berry is also a Revlon spokesmodel.

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Beauty? Let me tell you something - being thought of as 'a beautiful woman' has spared me nothing in life. No heartache, no trouble. Love has been difficult. Beauty is essentially meaningless and it is always transitory.

I know that there is a God - the God within me that's always present and will protect me. I'm not afraid to climb any mountain, because I know that I'm protected. Even if I fall and die, I'm still protected. My faith is on that level.

I meditate and pray all the time. The faith and respect that I have in the power of God in my life is what I've used to keep myself grounded,, and it has allowed me to move away from the storms that were in my life. I'm still a work in progress, but I know that as long as I stay close to God I'll be all right.

I wish all men were like dogs.

While being called beautiful is extremely flattering, I would much rather be noticed for my work as an actress.

The worst thing a man can ever do is kiss me on the first date.

Just to be true to myself, which is why I did this movie. I figured everyone was going to freak out and say, 'Why would you do that after Dorothy Dandridge?' My answer is 'Because I can.' And that feels really good to be comfortable saying that.

Secretly part of me has always wanted to try cocaine, but I just couldn't imagine sniffing anything up my nose. It seems like that would hurt.

I think it's always best to be who you are.

I understand now that 'special love' exists between two people when the passions lie beneath the surface.