"Guy Forget" is a French former professional tennis player. During his career, he helped France win the Davis Cup in both 1991 and 1996. Since retiring as a player, he has served as France's Davis Cup team captain.

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I feel sad for Fabrice because I feel he regrets that he missed out on something. But on the other hand he is not a kid anymore -- he could have thought about it. There is no need to come and cry now.

When I tell a player that I want him on the Saturday and he replies he will only arrive on the Sunday, we cannot understand each other.

There is still a little room for us.

I tell myself that his desire to come back into the France team is not as strong as all that.

I think the spirit and the values I try to defend are one of the successes of our team. You don't just play for yourself, you play for your country and you play for your friends. You give instead of taking.

I'm happy because these are the kinds of matches where you're under pressure. At the start, they were very tight, but I'm happy the way they played and came out with wins.

We want to leave Moscow having qualified for the semifinal. And for that we have to win another point.

Things went as planned -- we are up 2-1 but there are still two matches to play.

Of course that will be on our minds but when you start a match thinking that you're going to take revenge, your concentration suffers and you're likely to miss your goal.