The House Republican managers are seeking to expand and extend this proceeding for one reason: they do not have a case based on the facts, on the law, on the Constitution or on the voluminous record for overturning the election and removing the president of the United States.

During our presentation today and (Wednesday) we will show from our history and our heritage, from any fair reading of the Constitution and from any fair sounding of our country, men and women, that nothing in this case justifies this Congress overturning a national election and removing our president from office.

Open your mind, open your heart and focus on the record, ... If you are in fact disposed to vote for impeachment in the name of a justice that is fair and blind and impartial, please do so only on the basis of the real record and the real testimony not on the basis of what someone else tells you is in the record.

Gridlock the government and defy the people.

In my view, if the father is in the United States and prepared to take custody, and the relatives decline to give him custody, there is no basis whatsoever in law, morality or general convention for them to deny the father access to his son.

We think, in some areas, she provided erroneous testimony that is in disagreement with the president's testimony, and particularly in specific areas having to do with the grand jury.

Nothing about this process has been fair, nothing about this process has been bipartisan, and nothing about this process has won the confidence of the American people.

We understand that he is in good spirits.