Primus is the first major telecommunications company in Australia to release a phone service using the internet to the residential market.

That local support is needed for small business. One thing I want to do is develop a relationship that evolves as the needs of the business do. I don't want to design a site, have you hand me a check and I'll never see you again. You need quarterly contact.

Goodwill generally has gone to attended donation centers rather than unattended boxes sitting around.

Because there's no through traffic, it lowers our visibility somewhat. We have had some prospective tenants ask how long the road was going to be like that. It is a fairly major access point to downtown.

I think Julie is unbelievable at communication. She knows she can anticipate very much how I feel about certain issues and is not shy about bringing it up and that's very helpful. I am learning a lot from her.

You just couldn't believe that in an area in drought we lost our two biggest meetings in one year.

I made my 3rd visit this year to Blue Diamond Aviation and all three times my experience was excellent. The new terminal building is first-class. Highly recommended stop.

We made a bunch of mistakes, and when you make mistakes it's hard to win.