We started the game out very well and, ironically enough, perhaps too well. We connected on a corner kick with Angela Lira striking for the early goal in just the third minute.

Even though the end result was disappointing, we were very positive on our improvement.

Due to illness and injuries, we ended up with just two substitutes to end the game. But our grit and determination pulled us through.

The second half was also filled with solid defense and (scoring) opportunities. But the game ended in a well-earned 0-0 tie. This was a great start to our season and we next host Golden Sierra on Friday.

After drying out for a day we headed back out to the rain and played. The rain was much heavier and colder on this night but we responded with a great effort. Due to our loss of key players, everyone responded with that much more effort to play well.

I see it as a positive step to protect the integrity of the sport. I have always viewed the winter option as detrimental when fall and spring are considered.

The weather was still a factor as the wind was blowing and growing stronger as the game wore on. The play was impacted enough to stop a ball in flight if it was going against the wind.

The wind picked up. And we didn't deal well with the elements.